Introducing dissonance

This is a space to put my thoughts down. My thoughts are not my own. They are carefully curated and developed by listening and researching for hours, days, and sometimes years. I like to believe that I take the morally right stand on most issues. A position I arrive at after much deliberation. I keep an open mind and because of this, I change my views and opinions when I am presented with an alternative view that is logically coherent, considerate, inclusive and sustainable. I believe everyone one should arrive at their own conclusions this way and the world would be far less divided.

Why do this?

  • I feel if I put my thoughts down, I can look at it from yet another perspective.
  • People who read this, will probably introduce me to their perspectives.
  • This will also provide a historical record of the evolution of me as a person over the years.

I write code for a living and I am a huge proponent of Free and open-source software (FOSS). I, as a person, is also similar. Contributions from people around the world, from all walks of life make me who I am. I will be writing more about this later; A philosophical journey on how we are like any open-source software and why it is the most inclusive and kind way to live.

I relate a lot to the character V in V for Vendetta. My love for language, music, literature, everything old! I believe in sacrificing for the greater good and I believe I am a “Greater Fool.” I believe in humanity and hopefully we won’t fuck this world into a coma as “Cable” so eloquently put it in Deadpool!

Keep an open mind!